The (evil)world Story 1: ocean
The (evil)world Story 1: ocean sad stories

mr_wubbles mango slices
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Freakin mother nature

The (evil)world Story 1: ocean

Don't you like the Ocean Don't you like the beach Don't you like drinking water

I bet you do but let's think about people in other countries kids ,babies ,grown ups trying to survive with their thirst.......not being able to and just dying off everyday

what people don't really think about about though is that there is water everywhere so don't you ever wonder WHY THE HECK DO PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE FROM THIRST WHEN THEIR IS SO MUCH WATER IN THE WORLD !

It's mother nature's fault i guess for not sharing the water to the people in need. Also how about all of the deaths from people drowning in the ocean.

Mother nature gives us so much water in the ocean but all it's gonna do is swallow you whole till your well under the surface to the point you can't breathe and you die .......just because of the water, just because of the ocean,

dying just because you don't have water in front of you but the kids and their parents are playing in the ocean having fun in the bahamas.....until oops one kid drowns

but thats mother nature for ya

THE END that's all i have don't go any further because there is nothing else to see beyond this page i have no idea how to delete the extra ages pages now if you decide to go on and not listen to me then oh well good luck wasting your time bommer !

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