Volcanic climb ( A dream)
Volcanic climb ( A dream)  church stories

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Climbing volcano , an adventure ....(featured)

Volcanic climb ( A dream)

A group of our friends of nearly 10 went on a trip to visit a church and there is a volcano.... A big one with lot of mysteries. With lot of caves.

When we researched about it, all of them told that there is mystery on the top of volcano, and told there are something related to church.

We went near to it, it is like a normal mountain, covered with sand at bottom. 6 of my friends declined to climb volcano with fear. 3 of them climbed up holding rocks and escaping sand.

Suddenly the sand started moving down, we are all moving down with it.

All the them are holding rocks, but the rock i am holding is moving down, my friend Olivia tried to give me hand, but I slided down and down,

at last I fell down holding a thing which i am thinking as rock, it not a rock, but it's a dead dog, which is liked fryed dog. I started to climb again.

Finally we reached 1000 m high where there is place to take rest.

But the rocks there are burning like sun, I stood on edge looking down, I slipped and its time i thought i am going to die but, Olivia who is near, caught me, and pulled me up,

we fell near a plant, thinking how can a plant grow there, of a sudden big sized bees attacked, they ain't attacked us but our friends, when I moved away from that plant they attacked us,

then i hold that plant, they stopped attacking me, all of us took part of plant and ran into a cave which is as hot as hell. Entering the cave we saw many ways........ To be continued.....

#0likes0comments It's a dream of mine ......if I can get an idea , I will finish....

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