The last thin
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mr_invisible Yaayayay 300............
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Last tin on earth, what will happen.......

The last thin

In future.......

On a bright sunny day, with smoke and garbage Filled all around in city, there are only few people left on earth, counting their days, starving and thirsty.

Without even enough power to walk all of them are searching for food. But no one haven't found it.

At last in a super market, they found a tin, the last tin, tin which keeps one alive, all of them are started fighting for it, fought with eachother and at last only two people left,

one is a old man and another one is a gentle guy. Looking at old man, gentle guys heart changed, he gave tin to old man, the old man took it and opening it he dead.

Gentle guys heart suffered, thinking he is last guy on earth he screamed louder... Crying, he took the last tin and opened it. There is nothing, nothing except an empty tin.

For empty tin, all the people fought and dead. Later, an glow from sky came, its a space ship, they took gentle guy into ship and left away.

#0likes0coments Kinda wierd story right It is also a 10 min craft, when I am bored.

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