Story introduction.
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Max, boy who is hyper active, wanting to protect people, but will he able to protect them.... Lets see

Story introduction.

In void-black there is a galaxy in which stars are twinkling and dazzling like heavenly water on lotus and dust of pearls floating on water.

Out of those colorful glitters in the galaxy, there is a planet flashing and flickering with two different colors snow-white and jet-black which are on two different sides of the planet.

That intense light is coming from the core, which is in deep inside the planet. On north pole we can observe luminous white light and on south pole we can observe luminous black light.

That's why the name of the planet is Luminous. They are using light just to make "Artificial planets" now.

Luminous the plant of light, with lumens and dumens living in planet. Lumens who live in white side, Dumens who live in black side. Are peaceful due to UPO( Universal Planetary Organisation).

With permission of UPO, Lumens, Dumens together running a project TURBO, to attain 500 light years per second, in that project there are two people William clan and Laura clan.

One day they went to dark light, the powerful light to research with his son Max Clan, He is Hyper active child, Max as a hyper active child passed barriers and went near light...

Of a sudden the power of light increased and some of light entered his body damaging all organs in his body he fell down screaming MOMM.

Will he able to survive? If yeah how he will? If no what happenes to william and Laura clan?..... Wait till tomorrow to get answers.

#0likes0coments I don't have title for this post thinking about title. If can can help me out.

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