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mr_invisible Yaayayay 300............
Autoplay OFF   •   21 days ago
Reactions lol ain't you waiting?

Reacting to messages

Haha crush on me... (laughing) Have you seen me how I look like. AND have you read my brain or something.? (still laughing) Message again about it or Dm me.

Awwww... Thanks a lot, and I will have wonderful days, after your wish how can I have bad days? And i think you are awesome person too...

Nope. I won't unless I know the true heart of girl.

No not inviscible, I am invisible lol, i am doing fine and you can't see me until I am good friend of urs.

Smiled, but in pic background is good not me. Haha..

Nope. Not now, I have crush in my school but it is just a crush. Thats first and my last crush (Whispering)..

I regret many things. Which learnt new lessons and about life too...

Thanks for telling that I am a great person. (i haven't figured you out still searching,) (and yeah thanks ones again)

#0likes0coments Messages are quiet funny. And yeah you can message again.

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