Hard life (without senses)
Hard life
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mr_invisible Searching way into endless realm...
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A little story... And sad..... And complete story....

Hard life (without senses)

I am lark, one day being a kid of 15, I stuck in max lightning strike. That made me blind and deaf, from then my life is like I am in space, without light and sound.

Space might have some light, but my life don't have even a little, Its like I am falling into unknown realm of mysteries, with nothing I can see and hear expect black and mysterious sound.

My joyful life turned into merciful life. With all other playing with me, making me fall down, fall down, fall down..... Sometimes i thought to suicide, but for my parents i lived life.

Days passed with me being blind and deaf, after long days I laughed, because i got my hearing capacity back, with my parents hard work and money, hearing all my friends and family talking i became happier,

but the happiness ended soon after listening what all other are talking about me, describing myself as useless and worse person, I got to know that mercy on me before is no longer mercy,

It became hate as time passed by. That is time i left home writing that "there is not need to look out for me and take care of me as it is being hard". Now i am in space in which I can hear.

My blindness became part of me, I got used to all the talks about me. I started to earn, but getting fired by all people after first salary. "You are fired" are the words I hear every month.

One day a girl came to me and told let me lend you a hand, that nice girl told you might be blind but you heart which is not blind, our friendship became love, we are living together.

I spent my happiest days until she left me alone and went away, after I told I am going to get eyes. I got my eyes, and started to search for her.

And saw this world as I don't want to, I got know the world is filled with lies and hates. And i found truth about her. That broke my heart and I lost feelings.

#0likes0coments Don't you think there is something left in story, where did the girl went what you think? You need to finish it..... Write it... Its like a contest. In comments.

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