Episode #2
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Preview Max mother went missing, left him at the hospital and his father died.

Episode #2


Max mother went missing, left him at the hospital and his father died.


As Max opened his eyes, he looked into the mirror and marveled. He became more handsome than before, his face changed, the colour of the eyes became black.

He saw on HolaVision (television hologram) that officers were looking for him. And his mom missing and his dad's death. But his face is now changed.

He cries inwardly with sadness and anger thinking himself as a cause of death for his parents. Suddenly, a nurse showed up and asked who you were. He told I am Lux and I am an orphan.

He changed his name to escape from officers. By listening to that she took him to the heroes academy. In that academy they train orphans to their best and they will become officers.

Time passed, he trained hard, but he's got less light power than the others. But he has two great friends. Those three are three monkeys from the academy. They have an unbreakable relationship.

Their names are Merlin and Sam, who are powerful in heroes academy.

On one day junior ranking game held between the heroes' academy and the bartez battalion (an academy that trains people to end targets) they are without emotion and fear.

In this tournament, all are fighting except Lux.

They are losing one after one. Heroes academy is losing. Lux is escaping from them, he is not trying to attack. Protecting Lux, Merlin and Sam got injured.

Will they win? Or they die? Will lux beat even a single person? Or will he get kicked out of academy?

#0likes0coments Next part on tomorrow...... Will be soon Read episode #1 and story introduction too to understand it better.

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