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A story for the daily prompt!


It's dark in here. But that's okay, with trust you don't need sight. I wait patiently for something to happen, just twitching a bit.

Did you know that the tongue is a muscle? I don't envy that guy, he has to taste yucky stuff all the time.

They say he's the strongest, but I don't believe it, can he lift TEN POUNDS? Yeah, I thought so! I mean, I can barely either, but...


I'm needed! That little spark of electricity from the brain telling me to get moving! where to? it's always exciting to see why my body needs me! I feel something... oh.

It's a potato chip.

okay, that's okay.

Man, I wish I was the tongue right now, at least he gets some exercise.

Maybe jaw too.

I just have to sit here useless.

Wait... Movement! yay! maybe I get to --


It's a video game controller.

I guess I'll be sitting here... pushing buttons, or whatever.

Brain tells me video games are awesome but I wish he would let us do other stuff sometimes, like go outside, maybe even lift some weights. Until then I'll stay here...

tiny and shriveled and worthless.

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