Do You Solemnly Swear?
Do You Solemnly Swear? 
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A case in court with attorneys, Cheney, Biez and Judge Wattles that took two years.

Do You Solemnly Swear?

My daughter was court ordered to the Juvy shelter and programs many times for arm robbing a bank in Lake County, Florida with one adult who had just gotten out of prison for armed bank robberies and two teenagers that were friends of her's and her boyfriend's who happens to be named, Jesse James.

There was a family of huge bullies beating up and bullying the weaker, smaller and more timid kids. My daughter and her friends were their main targets.

After months of this going on I went to the bus stop to fight my daughter's fight and take up for all the kids the family was bullying. At the bus stop the huge girl, Jessica got in my face and said; "If your daughter and her friends get on this bus I'm going to kill you both!"

I tried to fix the situation by inviting the entire family to dinner and see why everyone is so angry. Though I couldn't afford to do that. At the bus stop when the huge girl got in my face, my daughter picked up a stick, but got scared and ran down the street. Leaving me there to face these huge bullies.

A few hours later I was arrested for two counts of assault with deadly weapon. I went to court for a year and half with no hope and no witnesses on my side. It cost $900.00 to bond out. A few weeks before the final jury hearing I ran into an old friend.

A young boy named Casper who had just moved out our small town. He always hung at the same bus stop as my daughter, their friends and that huge mean family of liars and bullies. All these kids including my daughter went to the court ordered C.E.P. school where they search the kids every day.

I kidnapped my daughter from the Juvy center because she was an eye witness in my case of two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Her probation officer and a few officers from the Juvy Jack was chasing me in the parking lot, but I got away. Her probation officer,Tony showed up in the court room.

Casper said; "I was there that day and saw everything." I took him to the jury trial and introduced him to my attorneys, Biez and Cheney. They all shook hands and were happy to meet an eye witness. The attorneys at that point said; "You were facing 15 years."

My mother in law (Sleeping with angels now.) went to court with us. She was the head of all bus drivers in Orlando. She brought the bus driver on duty that day, who took up for me all the way, and a lot of other bus drivers who know me and work under my mother in law.

The day of the jury trial I had two good public attorneys, two eye witnesses and a bunch of bus drivers on my side who came to witness for me. The other side messed up their stories so bad, I probably didn't even need attorneys, they were so bad.

The aunt who had custody of the bullies told the court about me inviting them to dinner. Three of their boys at separate times told the court they were at the bus stop alone with me. The court had already heard that the girl we had words with was the one who was at the bus stop alone with my daughter and me.

I had to pay a lot of money I didn't have for my eye witnesses. I had to take every one out to eat then to a bar and a carton of cigarettes each. And I had my daughter's probation officer and the officers at the Juvy center mad at us.

The day of the jury trial everyone was holding hands, praying and holding their breath. I was acquitted on both accounts. In the court room attorneys, Biez and Chaney actual hugged my mother in law, my daughter and me and were crying happy tears for me. I'm a small woman, that huge girl or her family would have whipped my butt!

Judge Wattles is kind of a star to me. He tried me many years ago on four counts of trafficking, four counts of sales and delivery, and four counts of paraphernalia. Don't worry people I'm not a criminal. I'm a God fearing person. I was always an alcoholic drug dealer till 30 years ago.

After court that day we all went to my mother in law's for dinner. Later she asked me; "Did you steal Judge Wattle's presiding sign?" Come now, the man didn't even recognize me and hurt my feelings. I regret that I lied and told her no, but I don't regret idolizing Judge Wattles.

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