-As I crawl a Cracked and Broken Path-
-As I crawl a Cracked and 
Broken Path- alone stories

motionlessjinx Community member
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Acknowledgment alone can go a long ways

-As I crawl a Cracked and Broken Path-

Lying nose towards the bottom, no one is there to pull me up,

Just my thoughts running the same few scenes over and over again on a loop like it's some sort of secret message for me to figure out

Unfortunately it only became a new thing to stress over and run in my head on my own terms for the most part

It's hard to tell anymore sometimes you just can't remember who you used to be so all you can be is unsure who really are and if you're the same person that lived all those previous years and events

A shell would be too good of a thing to call you, you're more of the shell of the creature inhabiting the hollow walls hiding in it waiting for the world to pass around you

My mind is nowhere close to the present, I can only see the inevitable future one year at a time till everything passes but looks nowhere near my direction

They just move forward no matter how close they are to me, no matter how far behind I am

It's always been quiet no matter where they are

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