Painting Greys
Painting Greys art stories

mothfatherr My name is Aza. I write poetry.
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You were my muse, and now you're gone.

Painting Greys

Painting Greys

I could say we will be okay

But you don't believe it anyway

There's no reason for you to stay

So come what ever may

I will wait for you

There's a million things that i want to do

So right here is where I'll stay

Dying in a purple haze

Of all the things left to say

Every day will become grey

When you're gone

I don't have a lot of cash

But if you had wanted I would take from my stash

I'm just a guy with a paper and pen

Trying to get the love of my life back again

I hope you're doing well

My art still won't sell

So I sit in my canvas filled living room

And I feel the weight of the world start to loom

So I'll wait for you

There's so much you can do

Right here is where I'll stay

Dying in a familiar purple haze

We both know there's nothing left to say

And now I only paint with shades of grey

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