Blue Lies
Blue Lies hurt stories

mothfatherrMy name is Aza. I write poetry.
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A poem about demons and hurt.

Blue Lies

Look at you

You're not up to snuff

Look at me

It's not like you can see

What I can do

God, your eyes just go through

Bruises on your knuckles

And ripped pants at the knee

I can't be anyone for you

You stand and chuckle

At the things I say

I guess it's not my day

Demons under your door

That claw their way across the room

Can't you see

This is what you do to me

I'd write you what you need

But I've already done the deed

I am nothing like you

You can't see through my disguise

You ask me why I'm so blue

All that I say are lies

You don't deserve to know the truth

And the pain you put me through

Now I don't ever need you

Good bye, so long

Together we never belonged - Aza

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