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moth_eat_cops oof. I'm sad im not a better writer
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The first night was perfect We watched a movie and you were there

Webex nights

The first night was perfect

We watched a movie, and you were there

You called it "your night" My night?

I didn't want a night but you made me feel important

I could see you were ok

You could see I was too

I don't know what happened

What did I do wrong?

We haven't done it since

You needed space and you're upset

I wait on that screen for hours

I cry, I wait, I hope, I wait, I get upset, I leave

I needed you and you weren't there

I know it is selfish but I miss you

My thoughts go somewhere dark when I'm alone at night

What happened? Did I ruin it? It's my fault. How did I let this happen? I thought you missed me too. I miss you. What did I do wrong? I ruined this. You better be safe.

How could I break such a pretty thing? Why won't you just join the call? Don't you wonder how I am? I wonder if you're ok. Why am I such a mistake? I had something good. Why did it have to end?

I don't want to give up.

I wait on the loading screen for you to join

Too scared to face the fact, that you won't

You don't want to make sure I'm being safe

I'm not

You don't want to let me see if you're being safe

You're not

I've been waiting on the screen for s o l o n g

I give up.

What a night

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