Realization of Radical Distortion
Realization of Radical Distortion triggerwarning stories

moth_eat_cops oof. I'm sad im not a better writer
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Trigger Warning! (I'm starting to have a vent-poetry theme, sorry) and this is kinda old I'm doing quite a bit better now!

Realization of Radical Distortion

Glass In my arms Inches deep

Glass In my legs Meters deep

And the glass I keep most secret

Is the one who caused all this

Glass lodged in my eyes

Creating a mildly wrong distortion of myself

It leaves others untouched

But mirrors fray

Cut up glass reflecting my inside fears

I know it seems insignificant, But i really think it isn't

I smashed a mirror

And it's pieces

Stuck inside me

Bleeding out with flowers and sugar

But when I am alone

They bleed with metaphors

I accidentally stabbed myself with glass

and now I pay the price

Several gold pennies every day

blood and tears hit the ground

This payment i felt i had chosen wisely had finally put me in debt

Buried in mountains of what I think

It's due

Glass in my skin 10 miles deep

I'll be alright

I just need to sleep.

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