Our Snow Week
Our Snow Week snow stories
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moth_eat_cops oof. I'm sad im not a better writer
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Snow and Anger

Our Snow Week

The chaos of a deadly week

The violence of nothing all-day

I am made of anger and weakness

I am becoming the living fear that haunts my own house

I embody void and violence

The frozen roads slip into lakes

The children buried under regret

Our hands are numb and our faces are red

I've locked myself away

After I lashed out at you

After I was proven to be unsafe

My safe place to break

An empty bathtub I've filled with hurting myself

I've been filling myself with barley and hops

If I am caught don't wait for me

If I break please don't come near me

I will hurt

I will break

It can't help it

No one can stop it

It will hurt you

I'm sorry

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