what everyone else seems to know
I'm confused gender crisis stories

moth_eat_cops oof. I'm sad im not a better writer
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Poem about gender and what I don't understand

what everyone else seems to know

I'm confused

Gender never bothered me

I went to a neutral preschool

The boys wore skirts

and the girls played in dirt

and no one seemed to care

but then I went to elementary school

and all the girls liked boys

and the boys only wore shorts

Now I don't even know

how to feel like a person

I dissociate from myself,

I'm not in the mirror

And I don't know what I am

I could be a boy

I could be a girl

But nothing quite feels right

But if gender is a social construct,

How do I feel like one or the other

I feel like both or neither

But I don't feel like me either

So I guess I'll sit in my crisis

what everyone else seems to know

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