I Can Be A Hero
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This is a story about Yuri Haruno the girl who traveled into the universe of My Hero Academia! Travel along as she meets All might and discovers Todoroki's chilling secret
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I Can Be A Hero

I still remember the screams. I still remember the look of terror on her face. I still remember the gunshots. I remember crying and wishing that I was in her place.

Hoping that she would find it in her heart to forgive me.

April 3, 2016

It was my first day back at New Heights Junior High when I realized how childish my old school's mascot was. It was a muscular man white a red white and blue jumpsuit.

He had two pointy locks sticking out in different directions and a huge tan. I wonder how much gel it took to pull off that that hairstyle. My mother always said that he used way too much gel.

Anyway, the thing that stuck out to me the most were those two beady eyes. They were very, very black. That is why I figured that they were contacts.

Weird, I have never seen those types of contacts being sold.

My sister says that those are his real eyes but there is no way that is true. My sister also goes to New Heights with me. Though she is a grade below me.

Walking home from school, me and my sister always hit Krusty Burger the local fast-food shop in my neighborhood.

My bunny hairpin fell off as we were crossing the street so I kneeled down to get it. To my surprise when I looked up a car was coming near! I quickly pushed my sister out of the way but I didn't

have enough time to follow!

Find out what happens next time on I Can Be A Hero

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