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mostlynessam What would happen if paper met rock
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This is only the beggining
Btw its kind of like there stuck in a video game except like an evil one

He's Not Shy Episode 1 Season 1

By: Nessa Marie

DISCLAIMER: Might be scary so this is a warning to people who get afraid easily YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

welcome to Love Island the rules are to find true love. If you don't then you will not get a rose, and will be murdered by the murder. If you do then you will get a rose, and have to vote out who you think is murder. The person with the most votes are out and host will say if its right or wrong. The person with the most votes will have to leave.

If its the correct Then the murder will have to be killed by the people who are left. People will have to do challenges and fight off the evil. The murder also can't find love,they have to to focus on who to murder next. the murder can fool them into thinking they like then though.

Are You Ready To Play? l Yes l No You have selected yes!

You Have Arrived To Anestasio You will have to introduce yourselves,make friends,and find love, Or you die

"Hi im caleb! Who are you?

"Im giselle! wow you aren't shy, are you?"

"No Not really-"

"Hey! are you guys willing to be friends? Im anastatia"

YEAH! of course!

If shes fine with it, I am

hey guys look! *caleb screamed so loud he lost his voice*

"omg baby caleb lets go check out the rest of the beach. HEY GISELLE YOU COMING?"

"Oh uh...Yeah sure one sec

"okay come on baby"

1 start to get suspicious about anastasia and caleb and think that anastasia is the killer

"Hey guys!"

"Oh...Its you"

"Okay and whats wrong with ME!?"

"listen its almost time for voting so don't make me vote you out!"

Its time to vote l Anastaia l caleb madison roy giselle mason katy john you voted anastaia katy had the most votes

katy's journal You guessed wrong...try again The killer has a white bathing suit and black hair. Try to find her...

"Oh we found you!Were are the guys?"

"hey yall im madison! i honestly think that they hate us. They wouldnt even go near me and katy. There probaly hiding right now"

" Oh my gosh they can be so annoying all the time, no offence caleb..."

"Dont talk to CALEB!"

" haha who died and made you queen ? No one? exactly"

Me and madison start to laugh our heads off and then left to choose who to vote.

time to vote l anastasia l caleb madison roy giselle mayson you voted anastasia anastasia had the most votes

anastasias journal It wasnt me! if it weren't for that twerp giselle, i wouldn't be voted out!anyways good luck to yall. you really need it

"ow wow she sucks haha"

Yeah but are you ok giselle?

"Yeah i'm fine, anyways wanna go to the water? it'll be fun!"

"Yeah! sure but first imma just rest my eyes in this chair real quick-"

"Eh i should go to sleep too-"

time to vote! madison l roy l giselle caleb mason You voted caleb caleb and roy both have been voted out

calebs journal was not found

neither was roys

"...Is it you or mason. be completly honest with me..."

"i dont know...probaly mason..."

"here we go with all this lying! its annoying!"

"listen...dont vote me out....i can save you"

"we can see about that because we have to vote again soon."

time to vote! mason l madison l giselle You vote madison... you got the most votes! but mason saved you!

"Im going to go find my real friend...mason"

"Oh sweetie you dont get it? He saved you and he died. Thats how love island works. isn't it?"

Now lets check there mail to see who got a rose we see something in madisons locker. its paper soooo that means that...GISELLE WINS!

Madisons journal I...I dont know how...me and ray had a thing...me and giselle where friends...But yet i was voted out?

Congratulations! You have won love island. Thank you for playing our game and have a nice day!

The whole season is going to be finished on july the 29th so be ready after july 29th there is a season 2! so stay hydrated,have a nice day,and choww all of my mostlynators mwah!

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