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What if this Universe is the dead corpse of a heavenly being...and life...? Merely "bacteria" growing off of the remaining energy in the system. This story is the introduction from Book #5 of the eight-book series. The 740pp Book #5 is on track to be published the end of this June.

What can be done about a dead Universe?

Image Credits:
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First edition, 2018.

The Incident

The incident’s inception was as an honest question: “What exists outside of Your Way?” It demanded an honest answer: Shame and Death.

Unfortunately, mere words would have no meaning to those who had never experienced them. And so began The Lesson.

The great multitude of inquisitors were instantly cast out of Hevin. The result of that simple action was profound.

Separated from Glory and Life, their own intrinsic ϸower caused their entire beings to explode outwards into the absolute vacuum of The Null Void.

Each being became encapsulated in sub-brane dimensional cells, creating something akin to a pomegranate-like prison, a reflection of Shame and Death.

It was an abject cataclysm for each former Hevinly Being. In a moment, they were reduced to cosmic carcasses.

Separated from their source, their ϸower evanesced according to the new physical and spiritual laws of this space-time-entropy realm of separation and decay.

The explosion not only blasted them apart in an ever-widening domain of pandimensional space-time plus the dimension through which entropy flows. No.

Each being was further fractured into layers. Stacked together the layers form an entangled whole, but over time they drift relative to each other.

Each layer further again was fractured, largely separating matter and spirit that previously had been equivalent. The great beings were utterly and completely destroyed.

Yet, on those carcasses perhaps the analog of bacteria grew, feeding from the decay process. The Lesson is of no value without consciousness to ϸerceive it.

And ϸerceive the bitter lesson, that remaining aroma of Life and Virtue surely did.

Meanwhile, in Hevin a dialogue of sorts occurred.

Being in an utterly different realm apart from space-time-entropy, the nature of that communication has no meaning here nor can it accurately be described. It too, must be experienced.

This is merely a vain attempt, perhaps as a lowly ant desiring to understand Sol:

The One came forward and addressed Father Glory.

The One: “Father, I love them may something be done”

Father Glory: “Nothing, shall unless they wish to return”

The One: “And then may they return”

Father Glory: “ They would need amends made on their behalf”

The One: “May I make the amends”

Father Glory: “ The amends require a pure one to leave Life and Glory”

The One: “And then may they return”

Father Glory: “ The amends require death and shame my Glorious Sunn”

The One: “ These are unknown”

Father Glory: “You do not deserve to be touched by them”

The One: “Send me to join them Father, that they may return”

Father Glory: “I would sustain your soul as their beacon in the darkness”

The One: “May I be their beacon so that they may return”

Father Glory: “ They may not return until Mother Life flows through them”

The One: “May I sew them to Mother Life”

Father Glory: “Another is required”

Noble Ryquori the Angel came forward. He stood on four massive legs beside The One.

His barrel chest heaved as his great mane radiated Glory and he made affectionate glances up into The One’s countenance.

Father Glory: “A needle is needed for Mother Life’s thread and My hand”

The One: “And then may they return”

Father Glory: “Only Mother Life can return them”

The One: ”Send me to encourage them.of Hevin’s love.”

Father Glory: “Only I can restore them.”

Father Glory: “ They would need to gaze into the Truth of My countenance.”


Father Glory: “Neither of you may return until it is complete.”

The One: “We will do this”


Father Glory: “So be it.”

And so it was, that at the beginning of time, The One was also cast out, as a soul-blood sacrifice.

His soul did not explode, but instead spread out as a bright cosmic ribbon of sorts, meandering around the matrix in which the cosmic corpses are embedded.

This is the realm ƙnown as Hel, the realm of Shame and Death. Noble Ryquori became a near infinitude of particle-waves, each a tiny yet complete version acting as an agent of the whole.

Those particle-waves were injected in huge quantities into the navel of each Cosmic Being’s layers--each Universe.

And each time a planet cries out in distress, a needle sails forth from the Cosmic Navel to attempt a stitch. This is the story of one of those planets and its stitch: Irth.

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