want to hear a secret?
want to hear a secret? secrets stories
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mortalroseI am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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secrets are my passion and my secrets are passion

want to hear a secret?

by mortalrose

I have a ton of secrets to tell, if I wanted to

they are interwoven inside me like a braid

I have collected them over years and years

they not only include me but also a lot of other people

some of those secrets are harmless, just really funny accidents

others are nothing but frightening and daunting

I am hoarding these secrets like my life is depending on it, you could say that I'm addicted to it

I love finding out things that not everyone knows about and trust me, I know everything about everyone

but my storage place is running out and I need to share some secrets so I can get some space back

so do you want to hear a secret?

maybe about a loved one?

or about yourself?

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