two sides to a coin
two sides to a coin judge stories

mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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never judge somebody by their outer appearance, you never know what they might be going through

two sides to a coin

by mortalrose

there was a girl once, she was just as ordinary as you could imagine a teenage girl

but there was one difference; nobody wanted to hang around with her because they thought she was quite odd

they laughed at her appearance, how she's got an ugly face and a terrible sense of fashion

her hair always seemed undone and she put on worn out clothes and shoes with holes

the boys would molest her and the girls would dare her to finally jump off a cliff

but nobody knew that this seemingly odd girl has no home

nobody knew that she lost her parents in a car accident

that her brother committed suicide and that she sometimes had to sleep under bridges

that she did illegal things to earn money 'cause she didn't want her youngster sister to end up in her place

but she didn't mind, she knew the truth about herself and got along with her unrightful fate

and she was sure that those kids that were harassing her, had problems of their own that she didn't know about

just like they didn't know about hers

because after all, there are always two sides to a coin

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