that one girl...
that one girl... strong stories

mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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that one girl...

by mortalrose

once in a great while this one outcasted girl was taken notice of

she had hair as golden as the sunrays on an autumn afternoon

her big green eyes shone so bright like two gemstones in disguise

you never heard her speak, but the few chosen ones that did, claimed her voice to be the one of an angel

soft as a feather but too innocent for this world

and beyond all these layers of relentless and apparent happiness,

she had grief and sorrow crawling behind her, holding her in a tight grip

she could barely breathe at the weight that was laid upon her

but nothing could make that one girl fade out

she was way too precious for the world to let her go

just like the world wouldn't ever want to let go of you

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