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... I thought about you again


by mortalrose

just recently I thought about you again

I was minding my own stuff when you suddenly popped into my mind

I couldn't stop myself from smirking - it's been way too long since we last saw each other

was it two years already or even three? I don't know

I started wondering what you were up to in life

you met someone new a year ago, that's what I heard from a friend

the both of you married, I saw that on social media

your wife is probably pregnant by now

I am happy for you, I really am

but the sudden thought of you filled me with a wave of unexplained grief

I don't love you anymore, I am sure about that

we parted ways without a fight, something just didn't work between us anymore and we both were aware of that

still I felt really down after our relationship ended, I thought you were quite right for me

after all we've spent a few years together

I'm over you, there's no doubt

but maybe you'll never be irrelevant to my heart, since it has once beaten for you

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