my soul, the traitor
my soul, the traitor traitor stories

mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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deep inside me, there's a hollow spot, a dark hole

my soul, the traitor

by mortalrose

deep inside me, there's a hollow spot

a dark hole, entwone like a strong knot

it once held my whole delightful grace in its claws

had me fooled with its sweet taste - that's how it was

had me fooled with apparent trust - couldn't break loose

I never wanted this, but that wasn't for me to choose

my soul, the traitor, won over the good sense

it never served for me as a defense

I was messed around with, lead in circles like a fool

it's better not to rely on emotions to rule

my mind resisted, but my soul, the traitor, wanted this fight

it held on tight and ultimately turned dark like night

now I'm on my own and doubt to ever see a bright light

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