love is powerful
love is powerful ruin stories
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mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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love is a dangerous thing, don't let it ruin your life

love is powerful

by mortalrose

the first time I saw him, I knew I was lost

lost in his beautiful blue eyes, his irresistible smile and his gorgeous personality

ever heard of love at first sight? I think that was just about that

but he wasn't a silly crush whom I would forget in two weeks time

no, I didn't know that it would last this long, so much longer than I initially planned to be caught up by him

he never noticed how longingly I would keep looking at him, until he'd catch me staring and I would look away, blushing

or how much information I've collected about him, just to get a glimpse of his interests and his life

I remember how much it hurt when I heard that he's already taken and how happy he is with his girl, how he probably doesn't even know who I am

that was when the realization hit me

when the butterflies in my stomach died out and left behind a hollowing emptiness

when the sparkling feelings turned into gloomy emotions

when the goofy smiles I had when I saw him turned into tear shredding nights

that was when I realized that love is powerful

so powerful that it can break you into thousand pieces and leave you shattered for an eternity

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