love in silence
love in silence unrequited love stories

mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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love in silence

by mortalrose

it is frustrating to love someone in silence

it's like looking into a dusty fog that restrains the view on the world

I will never have clarity wether he loves me or not

his love will never be devoted to me

but I also feel a strange comfort in loving him from afar

this way I can not get rejected

this way he belongs to me and not to anyone else

and even if he were to love me in return, I wouldn't know how to react

I am not the kind of girl that guys fall for

while loving him in silence I learned to appreciate every little moment between us

every nice word that he said to me will stay in my mind

I don't know if I ever get over him

but trust me, he will always be the greatest unrequited love I ever had

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