let me tell you something...
let me tell you something... loss stories
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mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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some decisions can change your whole life forever

let me tell you something...

by mortalrose

I am writing this while I sit all alone in my room

emptiness fills up the space where I once greeted my friends, tears are still burning in my throat, along with the taste of smoke

on the floor one stumbles upon a mountain of mostly empty liquor bottles, I know I promised to stay sober but I can't take it anymore

my life went downhill in a mere of a blink

I've lost everything I've ever owned and I am starting to lose myself, no one's there anymore to help me stand up again, but I deserve it, I mean I provoked it myself

I deserve every bit of this pain, it's a sign of remorse that's taking it out of me, every drop of the severe things I've caused, repay in my current state

so let me tell you something...

I am depply sorry, I didn't want this to happen, even if you anyway don't believe me, even if you probably won't even read this, I'd still like to have it written down

don't mind if this will be the last thing you'll hear about me because I anyway can't face you

I don't want to see any of you ever again because I can't cope with the guilt I feel that you constantly remind me of

I drop the pen with shaking hands and take another sip out of a bottle of some strong liquid, tears running down my face

I have nothing more to say...

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