impossible not to love you
impossible not to love you unrequited love stories

mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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impossible not to love you

by mortalrose

i tried

i really did try the best that i could to get over you

to get over the feelings that you awake in me whenever you cross my mind

i tried not to love you

because it's the most rational thing that was left for me to do

and i succeeded...

and i succeeded...almost

i tried to manipulate myself into thinking that i am better off without you

that i am happier when you're not stuck in my head

but i felt like something was off about me

and soon i realized that it is in fact you that completes me

i am not myself without you

at some point loving you turned into a submissive habit

it turned into an addictive drug

and i am not feeling like getting sober anytime soon

because you occupy a huge part of me

that's why i am definitely not myself without you

that's why it is impossible for me not to love you

and i cannot deny it anymore

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