I once owned a cat
I once owned a cat pets stories

mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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pets follow you through thick and thin and even beyond that

I once owned a cat

by mortalrose

when I was younger my parents gave me a newborn cat for christmas

she was all black with striking green eyes that would sparkle in the darkness

her attitude towards my parents and people in general was very menacing and she only pleased my presence

as she grew bigger she would always sleep in my bed at night and would await me every time I came home from school

that didn't change until the day came when I left for college

I could only hardly leave without my cat but pets weren't allowed on the campus ground and my parents promised to look out for her

so the first month of my absence from home wasn't even over that one night I found my cat on the threshold of my room

I didn't know how she was able to get there since my college was basically located on the other side of the country

and I am pretty sure that it was my cat because no other cat that I knew had a scar shaped like a star

up front I immediately wanted to tell my parents and ask them to come to get her but then again I was just glad to have her back

so I decided to secretly keep her for the rest of the semester until I would be able to get her back home to my parent's house

I hid her from the officials and begged my room mate to not give away the fact that I was holding an animal

while I would be off to lectures, she'd be in my room and would silently await me, just like in old times

and when we had friends over, the stuffed animals on the shelf acted as a good camouflage for my cat to hide inbetween them

so weeks went by and nobody took notice of me buying more food than I needed and staying more often in my room than I usually used to

but then I happened to talk to my parents and informed them that our cat appeared at my college and if they hadn't noticed that she ran away

the next thing that my mom said will forever haunt me in my nightmares and be the reason that I am ever since terrified of cats

with a confused voice she said: "Darling, your cat has died a few weeks ago. She was run over by a car. And your dad and I, we didn't have the heart to tell you."

after I hung up the call, my cat vanished into nowhere and never appeared again

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