I have loved you
I have loved you crush stories
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mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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I have loved you with my heart and soul

I have loved you

by mortalrose

I have known you for years and have loved you for just as long

I never told anyone about it, why should've I?

they wouldn't have understood why I fell for you or why I even wasted thoughts on you

honestly, I myself don't even know why I have loved you

perhaps it was your view on the world or your striking appearance

maybe I've just caught myself up with you 'cause you were the first boy to be nice to me

I know it's been a while ago and I should've forgotten about you by now but I still think about you

you still look good by the way and I still search your face in the crowds

my heart still races when I happen to talk to you

and I still imagine cute scenarios between the two of us

maybe I've never stopped loving you

maybe I'll never do

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