forbidden pain stories
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mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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the forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest


by mortalrose

your body is just inches away from me, close enough to reach

our hands are almost intertwined, our fingertips skimming one another

your words affect my soul, making me see things that were unseen

the looks you praise me with, I can never get enough

when we're together we are surrounded by a cosmic force

the stars and the moon, they move at the same speed as we do

the sun bends down and rises for us

but all the odds strike against us, because we're not supposed to be

we are divided by a stigma that warrants the distance between us

a token that we shall never forget

we both maintain on different levels but try to find a compromised surface

but our hearts belong together

and if our love doesn't work out in this life, it'll surely do in the next one

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