everyone is happy around me...
everyone is happy around me... sky stories
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mortalroseI am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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...except me

everyone is happy around me...

by mortalrose

I see smiling faces where ever I look

they are undoubtedly happy

they are undoubtedly happy grinning so wide that I'd just like to slap them in the face

I am not happy

I am not happy I cannot smile

I am not happy I cannot smile I can barely stop myself from crying

I am not jealous that they are happy

I am jealous that they don't feel this emptiness in their chest that's consuming their heart and soul

maybe they've been through it, maybe they know what it feels like

but once they've gotten happy they can't see past their own well-being

they don't see the sadness that's torturing some people around them

why would they, right?

if your everyday life is sunny, why would you let the sun disappear behind stormy clouds

I'd like to get rid of the constant storms that plague my mind

for I have not seen a sunny sky in what feels like centuries

I should start being happy

or stop hanging around with happy people

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