take a second glance
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mortalrose I am a daydreamer and a nightthinker
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taking a second glance at things, you might change your whole life

take a second glance

by mortalrose

he leaves the apartment by slamming all doors behind him and leaves me standing all broken in the middle of the bedroom

tears drop on the carpet that's covered with cherry red blossoms and luminous candle light

I fall on my knees and feel like my life just fell apart in thousand puzzle pieces

it's almost ironic how I am crying amidst this alluring room that could perfectly serve as a scene for a cheesy love movie

a movie where the man proposes to the woman, she fakes a cry and they live happily ever after

why couldn't it have been like that? why did he have to mess this up so bad?

why? I mean we were so close to having a happy ending...

for a second I even imagined him as my prince charming and our life as a magical fairytale

with two angel like children and no problems to worry about

but sadly life is not a love movie and the man you love sometimes doesn't love you back

I don't know who he was expecting that day because all this effort was clearly not meant for me

so always take a second glance at everything in life, you never know what good or bad stuff you might miss the first time

I don't know what would've happened if I didn't notice a different name on the proposal ring

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