Open Your Eyes
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mortal_goddess A girl who writes occasionally
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A short story. I hope you like it!

Open Your Eyes

I throw the crystal to the ground, frustrated that it isn't creating the desired result.

I turn around and a woman in a flowing white robe hovers, surrounded in a brilliant light.

She says,

"Open your eyes, anxious one, and see the truth once more."

"For all these years your sight has been gone, vanished with your ignorance."

With that, she disappears, leaving only a note.

It says, "Look closer."

I bring the letter up to my eye, only realizing she meant to look to the shattered crystal after I receive a paper cut.

I glance over and see a chorus of light dancing around the shards, with more people like the woman dancing around in a circle.

I hear a voice say, "Welcome to your new life, Ms. Greene." A hand comes up and reaches for me.

I grasp it and am sucked into the projection.

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