And then there was you By AM Alvarez
And then there was you

By AM Alvarez unhealthy relationships stories

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A poem about unhealthy love

And then there was you By AM Alvarez

I was terrified of the world. All I could was the horrors that living in it entailed.

My life was a never ending night, but one day I saw a brilliant light.

I followed it, and I found you. You glowed like the sun.

"Who are you?" I whispered.

I desperately searched for information about you.

Days passed in seconds and years in hours.

"Who am I?"

I have lost my identity. All I know is that my love for you has overtaken me, and that every action and thought comes back to you.

There's tv static in my head and a void in my heart, but I no longer fear the night, as I am your perfect soldier.

"Is this good for me?" I think, but I never realize it. The static is too loud.

You are an artificial light, and I made a mistake by assuming that you were going to be the sun that would end the night.

The static and dull feeling grows every day, but I can finally breathe.

I'm happy, are you?

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