In Silence
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In silence I we met. In silence we fell in love. In silence we smiled. In silence he felt.

A story about a young woman, who lives in New York City, she works in a bank. She meets a handsome man one silent night, and their encounter flourishes into love. (still in progress, feel free to leave suggestions)

In Silence

Silent, was the night as I stared at the gleaming stars. Above my apartment building in New York City.

This was a rare event, the city of New York is famous for being full of sounds, thus it is referred to the city that never sleeps, but tonight it slept. Tonight was a special night.

I take a deep breath as I try and forget the stressful day I had. Meetings, data, and presentations, it's hard working at a bank. But, now it is all over.

Now I am able to relax, and enjoy the silent night and shining city.

"It's beautiful," I whisper into the silent night, as I stand close to the railing looking at the city that surrounds me. "It is," I hear a deep, hushed voice behind me.

Quickly I turn around and see a handsome man standing not so far away from me. He, too is leaning on the railing taking in the view before us.

I stand in shock, as I take in his features; hazel hair, dark eyes, sharp jaw and a thin nose.

I hadn't realized I was staring until, I saw his eyes were on me and I saw his lips curl up to a smile. I felt myself go red from embarrassment that he had caught me staring at him.

I look back to the city, and hope he doesn't notice my now red face.

As I stare into the city, the breeze starts to gently blow, my face returns to its normal hue, and the man steps closer, I try to not acknowledge his recent movements,

but out of the corner of my eye I see him contemplating me. Suddenly, he takes a deep breath, and gently takes my hand into his, making me face him as he continues to stare.

As he stares he starts to lean in closer, and stops centimeters before coming in contact with my lips. We stare into each others eyes in silence.

His eyes open in surprise as I push my lips onto his. "It's breathtaking," I whisper near his smooth lips after I kissed him. He stares, smiles, and then reply's "Just like you."

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