Mia’s Rhythm
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Have you ever wondered why nature sings in the early morning?

Mia’s Rhythm

Mia sat in the tall grass outside her family’s farm. The sun was turning the black sky pink and purple in the distance and the old crow cried, “Good morning!” from the red barn’s rooftop.

Crickets were still chirping, greeting the waking doves and blue jays nestled in the tree tops.

Mia listened to their singing and pulled her mother’s drum into her lap. She tapped a few random patterns, adjusting until she mimicked the sounds around her. The wind blew up her back and Mia giggled, speeding up her rhythm.

Rabbits crawled from their holes to thump their feet to the rhythm of the drum. Even the great horned owl on his way to sleep stayed up to sing along.

As the song hit its crescendo, golden light bloomed from Mia’s fingers. It spread throughout the drum and traveled with the wind, filling the singing animals with magical energy and healing the sickly plants dancing in the grass.

Mia’s rhythm came to an end once the sky turned blue. She stood with her drum in the tall grass and gave a low bow. The trees, now blooming with golden flowers, clapped their leaves together for the young mage.

Mia raised a hand goodbye and turned back to her barn, promising to return again tomorrow.


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