Driver: The Red Star
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On an alien planet, a creature looks for food.

Driver: The Red Star

The land of Neb was dark. No sun lit the earth, only the moons and half a dozen stars. Bioluminescent plants spring up to the lightless heavens, covering the land in blue and pink hues, mixing into a deep purple.

The creatures that walked this land had bulging eyes that sat like white lamps in the endless night. They searched the land, munching on the old things the creatures of the light left behind.

A Driver, a small beast that most people of our time would claim to be a mutated owl, climbed over a long fallen tree. Their face was shaped into a a short fleshy beak that, when opened, released a long tongue perfect for digging deep into tunneled holes left by insects and small creatures.

And that is exactly what the driver did. They found a small hole and after inspecting it a good while, dropped their tongue down into the endless darkness. The driver growled low in their throat as they felt fur against their tongue. They struggled, wrapping their tongue tight around the creature and yanking it out into their mouth.

Bone crunches under their teeth and guts slipped down their throat. Satisfied, the driver moved on, searching for their next meal.

Over hills and rotting buildings the driver climbed, pausing only once they climbed a crumbling metal bridge. Their big eyes rose to the night sky, fascinated by the new star hanging in the sky.

The star was brighter than any other and twinkled other colors, colors the driver had never seen before. The driver only knew the colors of the plants that now encompassed Neb. Blue, pink, purple, what other colors were there?

People of our time would call the star red. The color burned brighter than a flame on a candle wick. In fact, it seemed to grow brighter with every passing second. And bigger.

A loud BOOM filled Neb and the driver screeched, claws clamping over their fleshy cone-like ears. The star was too bright for the driver and they forced their eyes shut. Still, they could see the blinding stripe of red behind their eye-lids.

The star crashed into a sandy stretch of land and the driver opened their hurting eyes, marveling at the strangeness of the star. The star was round with long, hard wings. It’s skin was grey but harder than bone. When it’s mouth opened up, a white light fell over the land.

Squinting past its glare, the driver watched as two creatures climbed out from the star’s throat.

The creatures stood on two legs and had large, domed heads. They walked slow, like their feet were heavy. Unknown to the driver, these domed-headed creatures looked much more different under the skin of the suits protecting them from Neb’s harsh temperatures.

The driver’s tongue flicked out, dripping thick globs of spit. They wondered to themself as they watched the creatures roam, if the star would mind if its lost food became the driver’s.


I got really into this prompt and the world and creatures it created. Definitely might do more scenes of the driver and the creatures from the star. Or maybe I’ll decide to write a whole novel for it 🤔 We’ll have to see where my brain takes this.

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