Bullfrog Hunting
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Nat the bullfrog hunter.

Bullfrog Hunting

Nat crouched in the forest floor, mud creeping through the knees of their pants. Wind rustled their hair, making it bend and wave like the tall grass hiding them from sight.

Nat spent their weekends hunting in the forest. Their parents trusted them to go out on their own, knowing they would bring home ingredients for family spells.

And that was exactly what Nat was doing. They stared forward, eyes glued to the large bullfrog hopping across the forest floor.

The frog was a soft green with pink spots, just as big as an actual bull. It’s croak rattles the forest like bashing rolls of thunder. Any other child would be terrified but not Nat.

Taking a breath Nat clapped their hands together and whispered a spell. Magic coiled around Nat, wrapping them tight in a protective coil of bright green light.

Protection spell done, Nat clapped their hands again and pointed a finger at the bullfrog. They drew a star in the air and that star glowed a soft gray before shooting at the frog.

Hit, the frog let out a thundering croak before collapsing to the dirt, knocked out cold.

Nat stood from their hiding spot, hands sitting on their hips as they took a proud stance. They couldn’t wait to see the spells their parents made out of their newest catch but the day was still young, there were plenty more bullfrogs to hunt.


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