Darkness in the Sunset 2
Darkness in the Sunset 2 blue stories

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DarkPaw loves SunPaw. So they get it ON. But will someone see? Or no? Find out.

Darkness in the Sunset 2

Still SunPaw P.O.V

“Darkpaw, come with me on a walk” I told her. “Ok, where are we going” DarkPaw asked. “You will see”......

There. She stared at me as I walked next to a tree and flashed my core at her. “Cmon, DarkPaw. I know you want me”. She padded up to me and pushed me on my back.

I felt a warmth on my belly that made me jump a little. But I realized it was her tounge gliding smoothly with each stroke towards my core.

And then I started to purr in pleasure as she got closer to my beautiful,wet core. “Should I?” She asked with which I replied “DO IT.

DONT TEASE ME” So she plunged her tounge into my core and started to purr. I moaned quietly with great pleasure. Then she stuck her maw into my core, all the way in. And purred at her hardest.

I felt so good. I moaned with passion and pleasure. “Oh DarkPaw. DarkPaw, DARKPAW” I moaned. I opened my eyes, not even knowing I closed them when I saw Darkpaw covered in my cum.

“I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry!” I apologized. “It’s ok, you taste wonderful” she whispered in lust and love.

*WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Idk but they are awsome. Btw If YoU dId NoT kNoW there is incest and lemons in this (a lemon for those who don’t know, is a love story) -MoonyMoon out

DarkPaws P.O.V “Hey.......wake up” Sunpaw mews. “Whaaa?” I ask, in confusion. “Training. Get up” She tells me and I jolt up.

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