Draconic Death
Draconic Death dragon stories
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Poetry and a short story about a dying dragon. We listen to him daydreaming and his opinions about his race and mankind. Also his view of the world. This story is part of a world I am writing about.
I also made a youtube video where recorded this video in.

Source: https://youtu.be/e3yVlqQ0...

Draconic Death

If you wanna listen to this story I have youtube audio on it. This link can be found in description. https://youtu.be/e3yVlqQ0yf4

No one sings for a dragon. Those humans have songs off their fallen heroes. I Dont even remember having parents. I may have lived for an eternity but I still envy humans from time to time.

They show so much passion for that short life span. For a new comer to this world they show tremendous effort.

What city's have we dragons built? What historical conquest have we done? When I think of us I only see huge beast wasting away time. Its harsh to speak like this towards your own kind, I know.

But I do envy all that those humans achieved, built, conquer, done and are doing.

Therefore I Dont question their stupidity and crazy conquest. But how on earth where you thinking when you came up with the ides off trying to kill me?

"I will slay you dragon to make this land save once more" Shouted the small man out while threatening the huge beast with his spear.

It almost made the dragon stop day dreaming.

It must be a woman! They are always thinking about women. I wonder how many females he would get for killing me and presenting my head as trophy.

Or can dragon blood be sold? All races that wear clothes do hunt animals for their skin. Is this the same scenario. Maybe he wants to make armor out of my dragon scales.

That must fetch a good price. Money, fame and women. I guess it does make sense trying to kill me. But shouldn't he have planned this out before ...

Hold on now. Have i missed something? Anything? Right now he seems to be alone. And I know these mountains. laying out traps here isn't really a thing.

He seems to be relying on moving around as fast as he possible can. I guess his fighting style is somewhat western. I heard they used light armor and smaller blades.

Cleaver, my breath would roast him anyway. Trying to dodge me is his beast strategy.

If my tail bone wasn't too old and shaggy I would probably grab him around the waist with it and just squeeze him to death. But I am getting old.

And my tailbone have actuality crystallize from a curse. That witch didn't taste good. Nothing good comes with messing with witches. I may be an ancient creature older then eons. Still.

Humans make me crumble to dust. Like water make a blade rust. My breath of fire is also gone. I Ingested something that made it terrible wrong.

This human seems to be enjoying it all. Jumping around seams to be working so fare. It was a good show. In my younger days I might have been flying around in similar ways.

But my flaying days was long gone. Cant lift my self towards the sky at all.

I am sad thing on this earth. No one will sing my song of how mighty I once was. No one will remembers a dragon. Unless.

He stopped his day dreaming and put some effort into, whatever this was. The human wasent able to get any close to the dragon at all. A dread feeling was starting to erupt within him.

Was he over his head?

Then suddenly the dragon got him with one of his talons. The end was near, time to be digested, for real. But the dragon open his mouth to speak and not to eat.

"Little human. Hear my proposal. I will let you kill me. If. You tell the world about how hard I fought. And how terrible I once was.

Tell them about my plunder and siege of the dwarven strongholds. Sing songs about me. If you do that, I will go to my death in peace."

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