Cher mon amour(dear my love)
Cher mon  amour(dear my love) idk stories

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i wrote this in class for a project and everyone loved it. its about love and heartbreak. i just hope its good enough

Cher mon amour(dear my love)

Laughing then crying.

A mountain of loves.

A mess of emotions.

Kisses and hugs,

Life's, laughs, and loves.

This is how I live,

This is how I feel,

This is how I wish,

This is how I love.

I wish to you, my loves,

Another chance at your loves.

I wish you your happy endings.

Just another day,

One day away.

Just another day,

The day before my birthday.


All at once.

Crashing down,

I hit the ground,

Rock bottom.

All at once.

I wasn't important.

A hamster, a test,

A hope.

But not helped to stay alive.


Over the phone,

My anxiety off the hook.

Something you said,

It wasn't you.

"Kisses and hugs,

Life's, laughs, and loves"

That was my life.

Now it's all hurt.

Now it's all broken.

Bruises and cuts,

My heart feels like guts,

Waiting for someone to feed it.

It's pulling my hair,

Waiting for someone to care,

Or waiting for someone to need it.

At the top.

That's where I currently am.

At the top.

With someone, my someone.

It's what I wish for myself,

It's what I wish for them,

All of them.

Being up here makes me think,

When I go back down,

What will it be like?

Will I be broken again?

Whoever is here,

With me now,

Will they still be there,

By my side?

For me,

This is nice

At the top,

That's where I currently am

But I will come back down,


At the top,

At the bottom,

At the same time.


Because anxiety will not let me,

It will not let me be ok,


It's a strange way of describing

Anxiety is the feeling of not being good enough.

The sleepless nights,

Full of worry.

Skipping classes,



But now,

It's affecting my relationships.

I'm scared.

Scared that they are going to leave me

Find someone new,

Find someone better.

So I will continue,

To push and push away.

In the future I want,

A life,

With someone I care about.

With someone who cares about me.

In the future I want,


In the future I want,

A family,

with kids,

Maybe even a pet.

In the future I want,

To wake up and be able to say


Mon amour, ma monde, ma vie."

Good Morning,

My love, my world, my life.


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