Shigaraki x Y/N PART 1!!!
Shigaraki x Y/N
PART 1!!! w/shigaraki stories

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By Kiddy

Shigaraki x Y/N PART 1!!!

by Kiddy Thank you for Reading! Please Enjoy!

The plot of this was just to tell you on how you got to a villian. I will write the rest soon!

You were walking home in a good mood. You were out of your bad Dad´s house, You had a supporting boyfriend, and you thought nothing could go wrong....Until you walked in your apartment. You were on your way early. You wanted to surprise your boyfriend with his favorite Ice cream.

Once you got into the lobby, the desk manager looked at you and smiled. ¨Back so soon, Y/N? Thought your Cat Café would not let you out until 10? You looked at her and smiled. ¨I asked to get off early. I´m surprising Nick because he has been that good of a boyfriend!

¨Well, go on about your day. But before you go have you heard about the UA raid? That must have been scary!" She looked at You. You looked uncomfortable at Carol (the Desk manager) ¨Come on. You know that I don´t like paying attention to the hero/villain stuff. It does not involve me.

Carol shook her head in disbelieve. ¨Alright, I wont bother you any more. Don´t forget that you need to pay you rent soon." You nod and head to the elevator. Once you got to your floor, thought of the face your boyfriend had made when he saw you had come home early.

One you opened the door, you knew something was up. There was two glasses of alcohol and one had a lip stick stain. ¨Babe?" You call out. Your mind started racing. He is not alone. You went to your bedroom door. When you had opened it, you could not handle the sight.

He was with another women. He smiled when he saw you. that smug look. That Smug Look. THAT SMUG LOOK! You could not take it anymore. You used your quirk and made a metal spike go through both of them. Blood spattered everywhere. In that moment you decided that Love was just a waist of time.

THANK YOU FOR READING! Again this was just you backstory of why you turned into a villain. I will post more soon! Thank you

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