In bed with you A poem by Dee E.
In bed with you

A poem by Dee E. poem stories

moonshade Fantasy writer
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A poem about anxiety and love.

In bed with you A poem by Dee E.

I fail for fear of failure. A silent dizzy sailor.

Caught, cocooned and smacked around.

Like waves of wind enticing sounds.

Sounding so damn loud.

I say, "goodbye" to me

and say, "what's good?" to you.

My bed is saying, "move around!"

I cry and try to make no sound,

but I'm just so damn loud.

Time and water and therapy,

serotonin security

but nothing gives me clarity,

like kissing you like this

Imagine if the lake,

threw rocks onto me

and stared into my skin

to see its own damn fee.

And if freedom isn't like this

then I don't want to be free.

Caught, cocooned and smacked around

like waves of wind enticing sounds

sounding so damn loud.

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