Desert A Poem by Dee E.

A Poem by Dee E. desert stories

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A rhyming poem inspired by the Jordanian desert, enjoy!

Desert A Poem by Dee E.

Dry heat licks my skin

Drizzling me in honey

Silent craters, dimpled divots

Water is the desert's money.

Slice the sky like butter

Smear it on my smock

Yellow glitter cuts my palms

Dragon bathes on molten rock.

The desert is a great big hall

Bedouins dance on sizzling earth

Sugar and leafs in small glass mugs

Noisy camels, silent birth.

Don't fall down the steep red hill

Made from maroon grain

Wrap your cloth around your chin

Protect your stars from the desert's bane.

Kiss the freezing morning sand

Love your stinky camels!

The desert is a sleepy refuge

Chew the dirty nail enamel.

Clay repels the crying sky

Slippery sheets of tin enclosures

The mud cracks the thirsty stone

Smiling steam from crooked smolder.

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