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THIS IS SO RANDOM...uh. daily prompt??


"we're all just empty vessels," she said out of the blue one day.

we were sitting on the remnants of a broken down bridge and watching the clouds.

"what do you mean by that?" I asked, turning to look at her.

"I mean." she paused. "humans, it's like we're just waiting to be filled."

I watched her curiously, wondering if she would continue.

she did.

"some people think that it's romance that can fill us to the brim."

"they're so" she looked over at me, smiling. "In love with the idea."

I smiled back, trying not to laugh at her expression.

Or maybe it's money, or having the biggest house in the neighborhood."

she turned and smiled at me again.

"who knows? maybe if you collect a certain amount of four-leaf clovers

you'll magically be fixed. maybe that's the trick."

we went back to looking at the clouds.

"what do you think would be the thing to fix it?" I asked, again. always asking.

I always wanted to know what was on her mind.

"I don't know," she mused, laying back and reaching out as if she could touch the clouds.

"well, tell me if you figure it out?" I asked, laying down next to her.

"sure." she smiled, holding out her hand, pinky extended.

I locked mine with hers, smiling. "I will too."

"you'll what?"

"tell you. you know, if I figure it out."

she smiled. "ah,"

we laid in silence for a moment, little fingers still entwined.

"hey, look." she pointed. "that cloud looks like a dragon."

I laughed, the spell broken. "it does."

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