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moonrise tea lover, wannabe poet
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an ode to someone! also daily prompt


there's a moment.

when you're looking at them, and some of that tension seeps out of their stance

when you see them visibly relax, and you're not new anymore, you're known

when something in their eyes seem to un-shutter, seeming infinitely more full of light,

and you can see their thoughts, or maybe the shadow of them, reflected in their iris.

and this single, arcane moment?

it's like every door is opened to you at once, and you can see little bits of them

that you never realized you loved.

that radiance, that intelligence, that inner beauty that bathes everything in soft shades,

taking away some of the hard, cold edges, rounding the corners of the world,

making everything around them perpetually golden.

you swear, you could find them anywhere, because it's like they leave a trail of beauty,

like flower petals, or moonlight, or a thin silver snail trail, wherever they go.

everyone's as affected as you, you can tell.

it's not just you, everyone notices how they glow, everyone smiles when they smile.

(they can't help it, it's so goddamned contagious, so impossible to resist)

they could be with anyone, but they're with you,

next to you, wrapped in your arms, in the passenger seat of your car,

telling you all the places they want to go, the things they want to do.

and you couldn't fathom how anyone could live without this.

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