Learning to Read
Learning to Read true self stories

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learning to be who you truly are is amazing

Learning to Read

I need to learn to read

All the things unsaid,

Learn how to delve into

Someone's soul and

Figure out the things

They're too afraid

To say out loud.

'Cause those are

the really important

Parts of someone.

The parts that shouldn't

Have to go to waste,

Locked away and forgotten,

But often do, because

We as humans aren't strong enough

To tell others who we

Really are.

I don't want people to

Have to hide pieces of


From me,

Just 'cause they're afraid

I might not like what I see.

Similarly, I feel like I want to

Stop hiding myself from

Others, the people who

Really care about me,

And know how to care for me.

This is so fucking hypocritical but

I'm afraid,

I'm so afraid of what might happen

If they go searching

For bits of me.

My soul is so fragmented


That i think they'd cut themselves,

And never come back

For fear of what lies there


I feel the need to

Find someone who,

Instead of ignoring

The broken bits of

Me on the floor,

spread out like so much

Shattered glass,

Would take the time

to make it - me

Into something beautiful,

Like the

Stained glass windows

I used to stare at in church,

The only things

I ever really liked


That place.

We all need to find

That person,

The one who'll make us

Whole again, make us beautiful,

Just by standing close,

Or resting a head on our shoulder

Or wrapping an arm

around our waist.

Because everyone

Deserves that.

People deserve to hear

The things we leave unsaid,

Because they deserve to

Hear us.

We may not know how

To tell them all the things

They need to know,

But we have to find a way,

Because if we're not who we truly are,

How can we be


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