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I got this idea last night and it sorta fit the daily prompt, so here we are!

heart's rhythm

every heart has a rhythm,

a song to sing to the world,

a different way of pulling at the strings.

some are dark and deep and mysterious,

some sing out, light as spun gold in the summer.

some ring with regrets, emotions weaving into the sound,

making it soft, or sad, or sweet.

but your heart was unlike any other

it's melody was so . . . different

it was arcane, secret.

I wanted to press my ear to your chest

and be immersed in it, the sound.

I wanted to shy away,

resist temptation.

I never know what to do around you.

and now this weaving, near-cloying sound,

invading my senses, slipping into my soul,

leaving me exhausted, exultant

what does my heart sound like to you, I wonder?

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