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moonrise tea lover, wannabe poet
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daily prompt! I really like this one :)


some people have hands that were made to write,

to scribble out words, tap them out on a computer late at night.

some people's hands were made to make music,

long fingers perfect for the piano, or calloused from strings.

some were made to create things,

to fiddle with wires or bricks and mortar,

to build society, to better it for the rest of us.

some hands were made to comfort,

a gentle touch to a forehead,

guided by the intuitive knowledge of what to do to make everything just right.

some hands were made to sculpt, or paint, or draw

to create beautiful works with a beautiful message.

no ones hands are made to break or burn,

it is something sad that we learn along the way.

whatever you believe, they weren't built to hurt,

you weren't built to hurt.

so cast it aside.

if you are capable of so much, why would you bother to destroy?

when those hands could fix everything,

build something new, create a world you've only ever dreamed of.

what are you waiting for?

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